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What is the Student Advisory Council?

The Student Advisory Council is a select group of K12-powered students from around the country who serve as advisors for their peers as well as brand ambassadors for K12 and their schools. Through this paid internship opportunity, they provide valuable feedback and insight about their experiences with career readiness education.

Meet Our Student Advisors

Fall 2022 Cohort

Colin Schmitt image

Colin Schmitt

Missouri Virtual Academy

Career Field: Information Technology: Cybersecurity

Grade: 11

Hobbies: Learning Korean, Dungeons and Dragons, manga, anime, video games, and board games

My dream job would be a combination of two of my passions: technology and forensic science. My dream job would be in computer forensics which I am currently looking into.

Spring 2021 Cohort

Kyan Pious image

Kyan Pious

Missouri Virtual Academy

Career Field: Health Science

Grade: Business

Hobbies: I’m very passionate about fitness and I exercise regularly at least four times a week!

 I chose the Health Science field in the Stride Career Prep program because I want to become a personal trainer during or after college. I want to inspire others to get active and improve other areas of their life!

Kat Collver image

Kat Collver

Missouri Virtual Academy

Career Field: Business

Hi! My name is Kat Collver and I’m a junior graduating a year early from Missouri Virtual Academy. This is my first year in virtual education and I love that it’s easier to manage than in-person instruction. I’m in the entrepreneurship and marketing career pathway which has helped me better understand my strengths and learn skills that will apply to a variety of professions. I joined the Student Advisory Council to help organize my career plans and to assist others in navigating their passions. My favorite subjects in school are English and social studies, especially when they involve world cultures or history. I’m very interested in East Asian culture, currently learning Japanese, and seeking career opportunities overseas. My desire to study and learn has helped shape me into who I am today and I couldn’t be happier.

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