Enrollment and Attendance FAQs

Who is eligible to attend Missouri Virtual Academy (MOVA)?

Any student in grades K–12 who resides in Missouri.

How many of my children can I enroll?

Because MOVA provides the lesson plans and materials needed for grades K–12, many parents find it easy to enroll multiple children in the program.

What does it cost to attend MOVA?

Because MOVA is a public school program, there is no tuition. Qualified families may receive a loaner computer and printer. These computer systems are instructional property and must be returned when the student leaves MOVA. Students and families are responsible for providing some common household materials (such as printer ink and paper). Our enrollment consultants can help address your technological and computer questions and needs.

What is the attendance policy?

As Missouri public school students, all MOVA students must comply with the state-required minimum number of 180 instructional days. The parent/Learning Coach logs daily attendance in the Online School. Attendance and progress reports are also reported to students’ home districts on a regular basis. In the event a student does not consistently work in the program and complete instructional activities, MOVA may disenroll a student consistent with the program’s engagement policy.

All families must attend parent orientation, and new students will complete the Online Learning course via the Online School. Families are expected to maintain regular communication with MOVA teachers, and students and parents/Learning Coaches need to check their email and phone messages daily.

Can our family take a vacation during the school year?

The school calendar includes school holidays or vacation time. Whenever possible, family vacations should align with school vacation days. Parents are encouraged to contact their student’s teacher if they plan a vacation that does not coordinate with the school calendar. Extended family travel, except during normal school vacation periods, requires written notification and vacation contract approval by the head of school or designee. This should be completed at least one week before the extended absence.

If a student is provided one option for online learning, is that enough?

The Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP) law requires the state provide multiple virtual learning options. Students may enroll in the MOCAP course or program of their choosing. School districts and charter schools are required by law to inform parents of their child’s right to participate in MOCAP courses or programs through, at a minimum, the parent handbook and registration documents and featured on the home page of the school district or charter school’s website.  Students enroll directly with the MOCAP program and do not enroll through their local school district.

Do MOVA students need to withdraw from their resident district or charter school?

No, MOVA students should not withdraw from their local district school. They should first apply to MOVA for enrollment. If a student is approved for enrollment, MOVA will notify the state that the student is enrolled in MOVA and is no longer enrolled in a school within the student’s local school district.

When students enroll in MOVA, do they transfer to Grandview R-2 School District?

Yes, due to a change in state law for School Year 2022-23, MOVA students will now be considered a student of the Grandview R-II School District. If a student withdraws from MOVA, the student then returns to the local school district.

If a student has an IEP, who provides those services?

Due to a change in state law for School Year 2022-23, MOVA students will now be considered a student of Grandview R-II School District. All eligible MOVA students with disabilities will receive a free and appropriate public education, and MOVA will follow federal and state laws in the development and implementation of an Individual Education Plan or 504 Plan (also known as an education services plan), including the provision of services set forth in the plan.

How do I apply to enroll my student in MOVA?

MOVA will provide to each interested parent access to the program’s student enrollment application for completion and submission to the MOVA program for consideration for approval.

If you have any questions about the enrollment process, please contact MOVA’s enrollment team for assistance.  

Does my school district need to approve of my student’s enrollment into MOVA?

No. Last school year, local school districts were required to approve or disapprove of a student’s enrollment into MOVA or any other MOCAP program. Due to a change in state law for School Year 2022-23, local school districts no longer play that role. Applications for enrollment are filled out online with MOVA, and MOVA then reaches out to the local school district to see if the district wants to collaborate on the enrollment or offer any input, but MOVA will make the decision whether the student is enrolled, based on MOVA’s state enrollment policy.

MOVA indicated that my student is “conditionally approved.” What does that mean?

State law was amended earlier this year, and the new law takes effect on August 28, 2022. Specifically, the law changes the enrollment process for full-time virtual school programs, like MOVA. Student applications are being evaluated under the requirements of the new law, and applications are being granted “conditional approval” with the only condition being that the new law takes effect on August 28, 2022. On August 28, 2022, once the new law takes effect, all conditional approvals will be changed to final approvals. Families should plan on the first day of school for MOVA.

How can I appeal a denial?

MOVA determines, as part of the enrollment process, whether the program can meet the needs of each student applicant to succeed. If MOVA does not believe it can meet those needs, it will then deny enrollment and provide written notification. A parent has the right to appeal that enrollment decision by submitting an appeal within ten (10) business days to the Executive Director of MOVA. The parent can provide relevant information to the Executive Director for consideration.  The Executive Director will render a decision within three (3) business days. The Executive Director’s decision is final.