General FAQs

What is the Missouri Virtual Academy (MOVA)?

Missouri Virtual Academy (MOVA) is a statewide virtual school program of the Grandview R-2 School District and is authorized to operate pursuant to the Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP) law.  MOVA is a public school option for eligible students throughout the state of Missouri and uses state-aligned curriculum and teachers meeting state certification requirements.  While participating in MOVA, the student remains a student of his or her resident district, but receives instruction from MOVA in a virtual setting.  The program uses qualified teachers and innovative technology to enhance the learning experience and provides strategies and techniques to help meet each student’s unique needs.

MOVA provides the following:

  • A customized student schedule consistent with his or her ICAP and course of study that involves live classroom experiences with virtually visible teachers and lessons
  • Tailored instructional classes based on formative and summative assessment and teacher data
  • Continuous opportunities to inquire, engage, and learn from fully qualified Missouri teachers, implementing state-aligned curriculum and materials.
  • Support from MOVA administrators and staff
  • Access to the Stride K12 learning platform and all necessary learning materials and sources, all day, every day
  • Student supports, including tutoring, guidance counselors, and college/career readiness
  • Opportunities to attend in-person events to meet their teachers and peers (currently suspended due to COVID-19)
  • General education services tailored to a student’s IEP/504 plan, as applicable

Is MOVA a supplemental course program?

No, MOVA is a full-time virtual school program and does not provide part-time access or access to course content only.  Students enrolled in MOVA participate in the full-time program in a virtual setting and are assigned to qualified teachers.  MOVA has student supports in place that a brick-and-mortar public school has such as tutoring, guidance counselors, and college/career readiness.  MOVA, as a public school, strives to assist students succeed academically and realize their full potential and has supports in place to address the emotional and social needs of students.  Are there any exceptions to the requirement that a student be enrolled in a Missouri public school the prior semester?

Do MOVA Students participate in the program in-person or remotely?

Students participate in MOVA remotely and receive instruction in a virtual setting using technology, intranet, and internet methods of communication.  Students may participate in in-person activities, such as field trips, class activities, and state testing (subject to health and safety guidelines set by federal and state officials).

Is MOVA homeschooling?

No.  MOVA is a virtual school program of the Grandview R-2 School District.  Students participating in MOVA remain enrolled in their local school district or charter school.  As such, MOVA students will need to comply with all public school requirements, such as state testing and attendance, and follow the graduation requirements of the local district or charter school. 

Do MOVA students withdraw from their resident district or charter school to participate in MOVA?

No, MOVA students should not withdraw from their local district school.  Rather MOVA students stay enrolled in their local school district and participate remotely in the MOVA program.  MOVA students remain active students in their local school district and may participate in their resident or charter school activities and events.

Who is eligible to enroll in MOVA?

Students enrolled in any Missouri public school district or charter school are eligible to enroll in a MOCAP course or full-time virtual program, such as MOVA, if they are under the age of 21, in a grade from K-12, and are a resident of Missouri.  In addition, the student must have been enrolled in and attended a Missouri public school full-time for at least the prior semester and must receive approval from his or her resident district.

Are there any exceptions to the requirement that a student be enrolled in a Missouri public school the prior semester?

Yes, there is an exception for a student who has a documented medical or psychological diagnosis or condition that prevented the student from attending school in the community during the immediate prior semester.

Has MOVA been approved to enroll students?

Yes.  MOVA enrolled its first students for the 2019-20 school year and is currently enrolling students for the 2020-21 school year, its second year of operation.  Students can apply for enrollment online through the MOVA website.

When the student enrolls in MOVA, does he or she transfer to Grandview R-2 School District?

No.  MOVA students participate in the virtual school program, but remain students of their resident district. Students should not withdraw from their resident district, but should stay enrolled in their resident district. The resident district will administer state assessments to MOVA students and provide certain services, such as special education services, if needed.

If a student is enrolled in MOVA, will the student meet local school district requirements?

Yes.  Students are still enrolled in the resident district, and MOVA will work with the district to ensure the student is meeting local requirements, including those dealing with graduation.  Transcript requests while enrolled at MOVA should be made through the resident district or charter school.

If a MOVA student has an IEP, who is responsible for providing those services?

Since the MOVA student is still a student of the resident district, that student’s local school district maintains responsibility for certain services, such as special education, Section 504, McKinney-Vento, and English Learner services.  When applicable, the district may wish to reconvene the IEP team to communicate with the family whether MOVA is the least restrict environment (LRE) and a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) can be provided.  MOVA is prepared to provide general education services in accordance with a particular student’s accommodation plan when a plan is shared with MOVA staff.  MOVA’s special programs manager is also available to participate in these meetings, if requested.

If the student is provided one option for online learning, is that enough?

The MOCAP law requires that the state have multiple virtual learning options for students and that the student may enroll in the MOCAP course or program of his or her choosing.

How do I apply for a student to enroll in MOVA?

Parents of prospective students must fill out the “Application for Non-Resident Student to Enroll Full-Time in Missouri Virtual Academy (MOVA)” as follows:

  1. Fill out Sections I and II of the Application and review Section III, if applicable.
  2. Review and sign Section IV.
  3. Send or deliver the application to your resident school district official or charter school official for approval and signature in Section V.  Please read the section below on getting approval from your district or charter school.
  4. When you send the form to the school district or charter school, please upload the unsigned form right away to the Missouri Virtual Academy Portal found at  MOVA’s enrollment coordinator will help you track the form through completion and answer any questions along the way.
  5. If you have not received a response from the school district in one week after sending it, please notify MOVA’s enrollment coordinator right away so MOVA can follow up on your behalf.
  6. Once you receive the signed application from your resident district or charter school, upload a copy of the completed application to the MOVA Portal at  If your resident district has a Board approved application form, please ensure that you include that as well and any other documents required by your resident district.

What is the process for getting approval from my school district so that my student may enroll in MOVA?

Each school district or charter school may have its own policy setting forth the process for students wishing to enroll in online courses or a virtual school program.  The process must be substantially similar to the typical process that the district or charter school uses to enroll students in non-virtual courses.  To that end, a school district or charter school may not adopt a policy that is more burdensome or onerous for enrollment into a virtual school program, such as MOVA.  If you encounter a school district or charter school treating MOVA applicants differently in the enrollment process than other district or charter school students, please contact MOVA’s enrollment coordinator right away.

My school district or charter school is saying my student must talk with the school counselor before they will consider approving enrollment in MOVA.  Is that required?

Your school district’s enrollment policy may require that a student first consult with the school’s counselor prior to being approved to enroll in MOVA.  However, the counselor does not approve or deny a student enrolling in MOVA.  Only students in school districts that have policies requiring consultation with the school counselor must do so.

I submitted the MOVA approval form to my school district, but they have not responded.  What should I do?

All school districts and charter schools are expected to respond to your request for approval just as they would respond to a student who asks to enroll in a non-virtual course.  When you submitted the approval form to your resident district or charter school, you should have also uploaded a copy to MOVA’s parent portal ( on the same day.  If you have not already done so, please do so now.  If one week has passed without a response from your resident district, please contact MOVA’s enrollment coordinator so that she can follow up on your behalf.

When my school district or charter school signs my MOVA approval form, what should I do next?

When a parent has completed and signed the MOVA approval form and obtained the signature of the school district or charter school official, the parent should upload the completed application into MOVA’s portal at right away. 

Can my school district or charter school deny my student’s enrollment in MOVA?

Generally speaking, no, a school district or charter school should not deny eligible students wishing to enroll in MOVA.  However, a school district or charter school may, in rare instances, deny approval for a student wishing to enroll in MOVA if there is “good cause.  The school district or charter school must provide the family written notice of the denial, including the specific reasons why there is good cause to deny the student enrolling in MOVA.  The school district or charter school must also inform the student and the student’s family of their right to appeal any enrollment denial to the local school district board or charter school governing board, as applicable.

What does “good cause” mean?

“Good cause” means that a documented determination was made by the school district or charter school that the student’s enrollment in MOVA would not be in the best educational interest of the student.  If a school district reaches this conclusion, it is required to provide notice to the family in writing and state the reasons and justifications for that finding.  The district must also inform the parents of the student that they have appeal rights and what those are.

What should I do if my school district or charter school denies my student’s enrollment in MOVA?

First, notify MOVA’s enrollment coordinator that enrollment was denied and the reason you were provided by your district or charter school.  If a school district or charter school denies a student’s participation in MOVA, it must provide the reason in writing.  Please provide the denial documentation to MOVA’s enrollment coordinator.  A school district or charter school may only deny enrollment if it has a documented reason to demonstrate that enrollment in MOVA is not “in the best educational interest of the student.”

How can I appeal a denial?

If you decide you would like to appeal a denial, you must notify your local school district board.  The board will notify you with details about when the appeal will be heard.  The parents will be provided an opportunity at an official school board meeting to present their reasons for their child or children to participate in MOVA.  At that same meeting, the school district administration must present the reasons that the district denied the student’s enrollment request.  The members of the school board must issue a decision in writing within thirty (30) calendar days.  If the parents are still not satisfied with that decision, the parents may appeal to Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and that agency must provide a final enrollment decision within seven (7) calendar days.

How does MOVA meet the social and emotional needs of its students?

Like traditional, brick-and-mortar schools, MOVA has student supports and counselors in place to help with social and emotional issues that might come up, including victims of bullying, depression, or suicidal thoughts or difficulties in home life.  Moreover, MOVA educators are trained in crisis prevention and how to identify and address issues when they come up.  Students receive the appropriate student supports so their social and emotional needs are met where they are.

What does MOVA do to support students with college and career readiness?

MOVA provides student supports to help students reach their full potential so they are prepared for further education and future careers.  MOVA includes in its offerings Stride Career Prep, an online career readiness program that combines traditional high school academics with industry-relevant, career-focused courses to help students gain real world skills.  Students will also have access to the Tallo web-based platform that connects students with employers and colleges across the country.

Does MOVA provide credit recovery for students?

Yes, MOVA enrolls students who are credit deficient and works with them to get caught up.  Some of these students were struggling in a more traditional educational setting and find the self-paced MOVA program to suit their circumstances better.  MOVA provides these students with additional student supports to help them reach their full potential and make progress year over year.

Are there any requirements for publicizing the MOCAP offerings to families?

Yes, school districts and charter schools are required by law to inform parents of their child’s right to participate in MOCAP courses or programs through, at a minimum, the parent handbook, registration documents, and featured on the home page of the school district or charter school’s website, as applicable.  The information must be provided in an impartial manner, leaving the decision to the student and his or her family on which course or program to enroll in.

If you have any questions about the enrollment process or if your student is denied enrollment by your school district, please contact MOVA’s enrollment team right away so that we can provide assistance to you.

What grades are offered by Missouri Virtual Academy?

Missouri Virtual Academy (MOVA) offers full-time enrollment for grades K–12. In addition, students must have at least one semester of enrollment in a public school and written permission from their home school district prior to enrolling in MOVA.

What subjects will my child study?

Language arts, math, science, and history are the core courses. There will also be other courses in the appropriate grade levels, such as music, art, physical education, health, and Missouri history. Career readiness exploratory courses will also be offered beginning in middle school. And high school students can take career-focused electives through Stride Career Prep.

Does the program provide textbooks and other instructional materials?

Yes, we provide textbooks and instructional materials as part of the program. These books and materials are sent to students directly. A computer and internet access are required to complete the online courses. Based on financial need and eligibility, MOVA may loan a computer system (including computer, printer, and software) to support the learning process. Our enrollment consultants can help address your technological and computer questions and needs. Common household items and office supplies like printer ink and paper are not provided.

Can my child work at his or her own pace?

The elementary program is self-paced and flexible within the parameters specified by state law and student needs, based on benchmark assessments taken at the beginning of the school year. Middle school and high school students complete lessons in synchronous and asynchronous sessions and are expected to complete, quizzes, tests, and other assignments in a timely manner. Based on students' academic needs, teachers develop an Individualized Learning Plan for each student.

What happens if my student completes a course mid-year?

Teachers work closely with students to help pace the curriculum to meet the student's goals for advancement.

How much time do students spend on the computer?

We expect that students will spend no more than 15 to 30 percent of their school time on the computer in grades K–5, 50 to 70 percent in grades 6–8, and students in grades 9–12 will spend nearly their entire school day online. We believe in a balanced approach toward education. Computers help us provide you with effective assessment, planning, and time-management tools. Computers also act as powerful teaching tools that can motivate, stimulate, and inform children about the world around them. They do not, however, replace a solid education. Rather, they help facilitate one. That's why we use a unique multimedia approach that also includes a great deal of traditional books, workbooks, and instructional materials.

Do you provide curriculum for students with special needs?

MOVA’s K-12 curriculum is aligned Missouri Learning Standards and is delivered at students’ assigned grade level. MOVA provides accommodations, modifications, and assistive technology supports for students with disabilities according to current Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) and 504 Plans developed by the resident school district's IEP and 504 teams. To discuss your child's needs, please contact our office and we will put you in touch with MOVA’s Special Programs Manager.

Can you accommodate the accelerated learning needs of my gifted/talented child?

The program is flexible to meet children where they are in any given subject and take them where they want to go. Our teachers will work directly with parents and students to ensure proper placement into the curriculum.

How do students interact socially?

Throughout the year, students will be invited to participate in school outings, field trips (e.g., to historical sites, museums, zoos), picnics, and other social events. Local students and parents can get together on a regular basis in their areas. There are also more than 50 online clubs like LEGO®, Survival Skills, Chess, Debate, German, Spanish, Quiz Bowls, American Red Cross, Mathematical Mysteries of the Universe, American Girls, Guitar, Oceanography, Photography, College Prep, and more.

What diploma will my student get when they graduate from MOVA?

All graduating students will receive a diploma from their home school district.

How do I enroll my student?

Visit our How to Enroll section for information on enrolling your student in MOVA.

Where can I find anti-bullying resources?

Every school district in Missouri is required to have an anti-bullying policy. Review these resources to learn how can help stop bullies and keep your kids safe at school.  For MOVA’s complete policy, please refer to the MOVA Student Handbook.

  • cyberbullying: Website provided by the U.S. Department of Education dedicated to bullying prevention and response
  • Provides resources for parents to help kids deal with bullies
  • Missouri School Violence Hotline: Resources for parents, educators and law enforcement to prevent and report bullying
  • Courage2Report: Resources for parents, educators and law enforcement.  It also provides three ways to report bullying. Call 866-748-7047

Child Abuse Hotline

Any person may report suspected child abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Anonymous reports are accepted from individuals who are not mandated by occupation to report, but please consider identifying yourself. Being able to contact you later helps the Children's Division staff complete a more thorough investigation. They may also need to ask you for more information during the investigation process.

When making a report, be sure to have the following information:

  • Name of the child
  • Name of the parent(s)
  • Name of the alleged abuser
  • Where the child can be located

The Missouri Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline Unit utilizes Signs of Safety when screening calls. To learn more about Signs of Safety, please visit

The Children’s Division Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline (CA/NHU) is a toll-free telephone line which is answered seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call them at: 1-800-392-3738

Missouri Career Education

Missouri Connections can help Missouri citizens determine their career interests, explore occupations, establish education plans, develop job search strategies and create resumes. This is available to students, parents, guidance counselors, educators, and job seekers at no charge.

Missouri Career Education combines academics and occupational skill training to prepare students of all ages. Programs are designed around the 16 career clusters.