High School Curriculum

The online high school environment blends elegant and research-driven design, compelling interactivity, and ease of use of both online and offline content with key features designed to make the high school experience successful, given the far more complex high school world of content, skills, and time management.

A Robust Catalog of Courses for Diverse Learners

Math, English, science, and history courses are offered in multiple versions to meet the needs of diverse learners with diverse goals. Up to four levels of world languages are offered as well.

Stride Career Prep

Your student can gain a competitive edge for the future—whether that includes college, a career, or both. Stride Career Prep prepares students to be work-ready and college-ready. Students can choose from a broad range of courses in the in-demand career fields of Business, Health and Human Services, and Information Technology. They can also prepare to take industry-recognized certification exams upon graduation.

High School Course Descriptions