You Have Online School Options!


Parent Choice: MOVA is an option to all Missouri public education students that qualify

Missouri Virtual Academy (MOVA) is a full-time virtual school program available to eligible K-12 students throughout Missouri. Eligible students have the right to choose MOVA as their school for the next school year. MOVA is an option to all Missouri public education students that qualify. Under the MOCAP virtual education law, parents of an eligible student can choose which virtual program their child attends. Your current school or district can't limit you to their district virtual program or to a preferred program by a select vendor. Parents may select any program on the MOCAP approved provider list. MOVA is an approved MOCAP program and is accepting new enrollments.

Enrollment Process:

Your local school or district will set the process for enrollment into a MOCAP virtual course or full-time program. The process must be substantially similar to the typical process that a non-virtual student would be required to follow to enroll in the district. If it isn't, please let MOVA’s enrollment coordinator know..

For additional information, please see our Enrollment and Attendance FAQs.

To complete the MOVA enrollment process you should:

  1. Start the enrollment process online or by phone with an enrollment specialist.
  2. Review the virtual school enrollment policy of your school district or charter school.
  3. Fill out the MOVA approval form and email it to your district or charter school and cc movafax@K12.com.
  4. Allow your district 10 business days to approve or deny your student’s enrollment into MOVA.
  • If enrollment is approved, upload the signed form and any other documentation required by your district’s enrollment policy into the Parent Portal.
  • If you're denied, you have the right to appeal that denial if you disagree. You can find more information on the appeals process on our Enrollment and Attendance FAQs.
  • If your school or district fails to respond within 10 business days after you submit the form, the application is deemed approved by law. Please contact MOVA’s enrollment coordinator to determine if the application is deemed approved.
  • Contact enrollment@missouriva.org if you have any questions along the way.